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Satco Product Catalogs


Lamp Specification Guide

Satco Lamp Specification Satco Lamp Specification Guide


LED Quick Reference Guide

Satco LED Quick Reference Satco LED Quick Reference Guide


PAR Replacement Guide

Satco Par Replacement Guide Satco PAR Replacement Guide


LED Guide Book

Satco LED Guide Book Satco LED Guide Book


Lighting Components

Satco Lighting Components Satco Lighting Components


Consumer Lighting & Electrical Products

Satco Consumer Lighting & Electrical Products Satco Consumer Lighting & Electrical Products


Lamp Source Product Catalogs

Miniature-Lamps Satco Products Miniature Lamps

Ballasts-Accessories Satco Products Ballasts & Accessories

Carded-Lamps Satco Products Carded Lamps

Decorative-Incandescent Satco Products Decorative Lamps

Flourescents Satco Products Fluorescent Lamps

General-Service Satco Products General Service

Halogen-Lamps Satco Products Halogen Lamps

HID-Lamps Satco Products HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

Reflectors Satco Products Reflectors

Sealed-Beam Satco Products Sealed Beam

Specialty-Lamps Satco Products Specialty Lamps


Lamp Spec Product Catalogs

Miniature-Sealed-Beam Satco Products Miniature & Sealed Beam Lamps

Compact-Fluorescent-Lamps Satco Products Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent-Lamps Satco Products Fluorescent Lamps

Halogen-Lamps Satco Products Halogen Lamps

HID-Lamps2 Satco Products HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

Incandescent Satco Products Incandescent Lamps

Ballasts Satco Products Ballasts


General Lighting Product Catalogs

Bulk-Lighting Satco Products Bulk Lighting

Carded-Lighting-Hardware Satco Products Carded Lighting Hardware

Desk-Lamps-Specialty Satco Products Desk Lamp & Specialty

Electrical-Accessories Satco Products Electrical Accessories

Glassware Satco Products Glassware

Lighting-Fixtures Satco Products Lighting Fixtures

Track-Lighting Satco Products Track Lighting


CFL Product Sheets

CFL Par Lamps Satco 11/15/23 Watt CFL Par Lamps

Ultra Mini CFL Spirals Satco 13W T2 Ultra Mini Specialty CFL Spirals

Mini Spiral Value Packs Satco 13W T2 Mini Spirals 4 Bulb Value Packs

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 15/18/20/23/26 Watt T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

Bullet CFLs Satco 15 Watt CFL Bullet Bulbs

T2 Ultra Mini 3 Pack Satco 18W & 23W T2 Ultra Mini Spirals 3 Bulb Pack

BR38 CFL Reflectors Satco 23 Watt BR38 CFL Reflectors

R40 CFL Reflectors Satco 23 Watt R40 CFL Reflectors

Hi-Pro CFL Spirals Satco 32/40/55 Watt Pro Series Hi-Pro CFL Spirals

Torpedo Cand CFLs Satco 3W and 7W Candelabra CFL Torpedo Bulbs

Torpedo Med CFLs Satco 3W and 7W Medium CFL Torpedo Bulbs

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 5/9/11/13 Watt T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 5/9/13 T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

A-Type CFL Bulbs Satco 7/9/11/15 Watt A-Type CFL Bulbs

Globe CFL Bulbs Satco 9 and 15 Watt Globe CFL Bulbs

GU24 Base CFL Bulbs Satco GU24 Base CFL Bulbs

Photocell 3-Way CFL Bulbs Satco Photocell & 3-Way CFL Spirals

R20/R30 CFL Bulbs Satco R20 and R30 CFL Reflectors